Sunday, September 23, 2012

More on Mille Crepes..

Are you looking for another mille crepes flavor and variations? Here I have some..

Choco Banana Mille Crepes, a chocolate crepe filled with banana pastry cream with chunks of fresh banana on it..

Chocolate and banana always a good pair ;)

Do you like Strawberry? Chocolate? and Vanilla?  Enjoy all of it just in one cake.. 3in1 Mille Crepes..

It's a vanilla crepes filled with strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla pastry cream..

Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla just in one slice ;)

Getting bored with Red Velvet Cake? How about Red Velvet Mille Crepes? Which you can enjoy a half of red velvet cake and mille crepes in the same time..

The mille crepes is filled with cheesy pastry cream and chopped nuts... 

I'll keep digging for a new mille crepes variations ;) Email me for the ordering :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rainbow goes beyond the cake

My rainbow goes beyond the cake... Anywhere you can easily find a rainbow cake, now I came up something new..

A Rainbow Mille Crepe..

A Rainbow Mille Crepes, stacked of colorful crepes layered with 'cream cheese' pastry cream..

Tempting treats.. Delicious desserts..