Friday, December 30, 2011

Three new cupcake flavors..

To end the year of 2011, I just add three variations to my cupcake collections ;p.. Actually this is for my xmas hamper edition..

Firstly, one of my fave is Taro Cupcake, made from taro (talas) topped with crunchy coconut butter cream.. I have never made taro cupcake before, so I become very excited try something new..

I fill it with taro (talas) jam filling

Next is the Fruitcake Cupcake, just like a Xmas fruitcake made with mixed dried fruits and flavorful topped with cinnamon cream cheese..

Lots of fruit, nice and moist..

Last but not least, Banoffee Cupcake (Banana Toffee), a banana cake topped with toffee butter cream..

Moist and fragrant banana cake goes well with toffee butter cream..

Here's some my xmas cupcake hamper..

There's set of 4 cupcakes

And there's set of 6 cupcakes

Just tell me which one do you like? :p

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stick Butter Cookies

Cookies.. Cookies.. Most people love munching cookies.. Here I try to bake a new version of cookies.. It tasted like an old time cookies but with modern twist..

Milo Stick Cookies.. Milo flavored butter cookies topped with chocochips..

Crunchy texture and sweet..

Brownie Stick Cookies.. Chocolate butter cookies sprinkled with crunchy rice crispy..

For you who like dark chocolate and has a mild sweet..

It's available in smaller packaging..

Sultana Cheese Stick Cookies.. This is my fave :p, I love raisin hehe.. Sultana/raisin butter cookies topped with cheese.. It's hard to stop munching it..

It's sweet with chewy raisin texture..

All cookies are made from premium ingredients and it brings a delicate flavor.. So far I've amde three variations of it and will try more new variation soon ;)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Construction theme cupcake

Ohhh I forgot to post this construction cupcake ;p . The order came from Ci Sharon for her father in-law..

She asked me to make a cupcake set with a construction theme like her FIL's job.. As her request, there's a saw, house, and some tools..

Enjoy the cupcake Ci Sharon, thanks for your order.. And yup u rite, "it's better late than never" :D

Monday, December 5, 2011


A macarons is a new hip in desserts delicacies which everyone talking about them lately.. It's a sweet confectionery made from almond, filled with cream or jam sandwiched between two cookies.. They're sweet and delicate..

Macarons in the making.. For me making Macaron is quite painful, many failures before I get this right..

Yeay.. Finally they all got feet.. Macarons without the feet can't be a macarons..

Filled the orange shell macarons with chocolate ganache.. Nothing can go wrong with chocolate rite? ;p

This is the fun part of Macarons.. Experience it with various flavors and taste the difference This time I use a mixed of coffee and chocolate..

And paired with peanut cream filling..

They are colorful and eye-catching..

The pack of three macarons..

Although it's tricky to bake macarons, but I'm enjoying to bake it.. I can explore more shell flavors to combine with various cream fillings.. That's the fun part of baking the macarons..

Please.. Please tell me your idea for macarons flavors, I'll love to try it :p

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mango Pancake

Looking for something cold? something sweets? and something delicate for sure?

Here's I got Mango Pancake.. A sweets cream with fresh mangoes and custard wrapped with thin crepes skin..

It's kinda a familiar desserts lately.. Most of it filled with durian flesh but I try using mango instead.. And still exploring to try other fruit options.. Any idea? Please tell me ;)