Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stick Butter Cookies

Cookies.. Cookies.. Most people love munching cookies.. Here I try to bake a new version of cookies.. It tasted like an old time cookies but with modern twist..

Milo Stick Cookies.. Milo flavored butter cookies topped with chocochips..

Crunchy texture and sweet..

Brownie Stick Cookies.. Chocolate butter cookies sprinkled with crunchy rice crispy..

For you who like dark chocolate and has a mild sweet..

It's available in smaller packaging..

Sultana Cheese Stick Cookies.. This is my fave :p, I love raisin hehe.. Sultana/raisin butter cookies topped with cheese.. It's hard to stop munching it..

It's sweet with chewy raisin texture..

All cookies are made from premium ingredients and it brings a delicate flavor.. So far I've amde three variations of it and will try more new variation soon ;)

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