Monday, December 5, 2011


A macarons is a new hip in desserts delicacies which everyone talking about them lately.. It's a sweet confectionery made from almond, filled with cream or jam sandwiched between two cookies.. They're sweet and delicate..

Macarons in the making.. For me making Macaron is quite painful, many failures before I get this right..

Yeay.. Finally they all got feet.. Macarons without the feet can't be a macarons..

Filled the orange shell macarons with chocolate ganache.. Nothing can go wrong with chocolate rite? ;p

This is the fun part of Macarons.. Experience it with various flavors and taste the difference This time I use a mixed of coffee and chocolate..

And paired with peanut cream filling..

They are colorful and eye-catching..

The pack of three macarons..

Although it's tricky to bake macarons, but I'm enjoying to bake it.. I can explore more shell flavors to combine with various cream fillings.. That's the fun part of baking the macarons..

Please.. Please tell me your idea for macarons flavors, I'll love to try it :p

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