Friday, August 5, 2011

Go beyond the cupcake - Kue Kering/Cookies

Yup guys, I go beyond the cupcakes.. Since baking is my passion, I bake everything that get me interested to..

Here some cookies/kue kering I bake..

Wafer Cheese Cookies, Chocolate wafer rolled with cheese cookies.. It's a mix of cheese and chocolate, and crunchy though..

Chocolate Stick Cookies, a chocolate stick on cookie dough..

For a chocolate lover..

Something crunchy and delicate, Corn Flakes Cookies.. You will ask for more ;p

It's nice for lite breakie though hehe..

Original Lidah Kucing.. A popular cookies, I guess most of you knew about this cookies..

Made from wysman, make you eat more and more.. Hard to stop :p..

Available in three flavours, original, coffee, and cheese..

Here's the Coffee Lidah Kucing..

And this is Butter Cookies, or I simply called 'Birdy Cookie' (cause of the mould)..

Simple with a rich tasted..

This also the popular one.. Nastar, all is homemade even its pineapple filling.. I inherited the recipe from my grandma, so it come with the authentic taste..

Come reach me at my email or simply give me a call for minimum order and the price :) Please do an order for at least two weeks before hehe..

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