Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Sunday Food Market @Potato Head

This is it guys, something that make me quite a busy lately.. Baking is my passion, I started with Cup-A-Cake which is specialized in made by order cupcakes for any occasion.. But since I discovered there's a lotsa cute and delicate sweets that I can share with you, I decide to go beyond the cupcakes.. So I changed the Cup-A-Cake with Le Sweets.. And this is the first Le Sweets' sales event..

Finally I took this opportunity to join a Halloween Sunday Food Market in Potato Head Pacific Place.. A big thank you for Potato head, it's such a great experiences and hoping can join to their another events ;)

What we have here.. The cuppies ;)

There's a Red Velvet Cupcakes made from beetroot, Golden Velvet Cupcake made from pumpkin, Chocolate Cupcakes topped with colorful sprinkles and jelly, and halloween cupcake..

What else.. what else.. I got this Ice Jelly Mochi, it got a unique mochi and jelly texture and nice when you eat it cold, that's why I call it ice ;p There's three kinds of filling; coffee red bean, green bean, and chocolate..

Next I got an assorted tartlets.. Japanese Cream Cheese Tart, available in two flavours chocolate cream cheese and original cream cheese topped with some fresh fruit cuts.. Sometimes I also made a green tea cream cheese by order ;)

Another tartlets like Fruit Tartlet, buttery tartlet shell coated with chocolate filled with custard and topped with fruits..

The other tartlet is Tarte au Chocolate, it's simply for a chocolate lover.. Buttery pie shell filled with chocolate ganache and fresh strawberry..

I also made some Eclairs, filled with vanilla cream.. And a square choux which I named Box of Love.. Actually it's the same like eclairs, the different is only in the shape and bigger sized and more filling on it..

Last but not least, I also have three kind of cookies here.. Snickerdoodle, butter cookies coated with cinnamon sugar.. It's crisp, sweet, and has buttery flavor.. Chocochips Cookies, everyone's favorite.. And Chocolate Cornflake, nothing can go wrong with chocolate rite? ;p

It's too many to prepare yaa.. But since it's my passion, I love doing it :) Here's how the preparations goes..

Three colors cupcakes.. Red (beetroot), golden yellow (pumpkin), and chocolate.. Which one do you prefer? :p

Filled the tart shells with creamy cheese filling.. Slluuurrpp..

Decorate it with some fresh fruits, crispy chocoballs, sliced almonds.. And it is done!

Next preparing the tartlets shell.. Unbaked tartlets..

Fresh from the oven, let it cool before put the filling on it..

So guys, get interested with any of these sweets? Just contact me if you want to order it :) I still got more other sweets, just check it out my Facebook Le Sweets (still on progress) and follow my twitter @Le_Sweets to check the new sweet treats ;)


  1. now ure really make me wish to try that cupcakes

  2. Wowww, congrats with the new fresh name. Me likey. It sounded much more elegant. =) And congrats for the showoff at potato head!

  3. mau mau mauuuuuu.......!! *ngiler* :p