Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Macs Pleaseee ;)

More macaronssss... As I said I will experience more flavors of it..

Black macaroons.. The black color comes from a dash of natural bamboo charcoal..

My macs got feet.. yeayy..

It filled with vanilla cream cheese.. Trust me it goes well with it..

Pack of 5 Black Cream Cheese Macarons..

Yellow mac shells for Lemony Macarons..

It filled with lemon butter made from lemon curd... It's sweets and refreshing..

Combined with a dollop of chocolate ganache on it..

Soft pink shell for Rose Macarons..

Filled with rose scented cream.. You will love the scented..

And again I mixed it with chocolate ganache on it..

Last but not least is.. Tiramisu Macarons..

Sprinkled it with coffee and filled it with tiramisu flavor filling..

Colorful macarons pack..

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